Thursday, August 17, 2006

For the New day we arise with 4 stars to help us

Yes yes yes .. the darkness has lifted this fine day and I feel like a 4 star general with all that that entails. Power will become the way and it will be mine. Muhahahahahha.

Omg .. sorry slipped a bit there never mind. Maybe a dark room in a 4 star hotel with leather sheet will do the trick! Must try that sometime.

None the less .. away we go .. the day is our and .. omg it late



4 stars for the dark we now rest

So many times the feelings rise and disperse. Now is the time that we go 4 star and forward to bed. Good night to all you wonderful people and to all of you who are now so wonderful ... good night anyways.

There is no need to feel bad when you know you are to rest. The rest will relax you and when you awake the day fresh will be upon you. The look and feel of a new day can be very different from what has past.

Look at it like a 4 star experience. The rooms are grand the decor is well produced it is clean and ready for you every time you leave and come back.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A bee and some lavender ... does it really mean so much?

Is thinking just a chemical reaction in brain tissues or is there something more. How can emotions be real when they are all
supposed to be much the same thing. The human being is basically a machine that does not function.

It was dark and I hard some buzzing in the lavender of the garden. On looking over the wall I saw a bumble bee that was striving to
get some nectar from the flowers.

This year there have been a perfusion of flowers on my 7 varieties of Lavender in the garden.

The bee buzzed to a flower and the weight of the bee made the stalk move down quiet some distance as it landed. The plant has quite
long sturdy stalks with what was in daylight, a few weeks back, a very deep purple flower on it. The colour of the flowers has
relaxed a bit as they come to the end of their season. As the flower bounced back up the bee was thrown and the buzzing intensified.
I could hear it now and not see it as it had dropped a ways into the leafy part of the plant.

It seemed to be struggling a bit now. Like being lost in a wood. the type of thought I can imagine would be:
1) Where am I now?
2) Exactly how did I manage to get here?
3) Hmmm .. ok better get on.

So it went on. The bee did manage to struggle to some flowers with success and buzzed a bit seemingly in pleasure as it did so. I
continued to watch it and listen until my taxi turned up to take me out for the night. My thought about what that bee was doing, in
its death throws were to lead me into discussion with the taxi driver and on went the feeling.

If a human was built like that, with one single overriding purpose, would it not work and do all it could to complete its tasks in
life even to it last breath. If so what in fact are these tasks. Have me changed so much that we no longer can remember how we got
here in the first place? Dark thoughts in a darkheart take control as I now wonder what is it all about.

For a start it does not seem so bad

The more I look at it the worse it gets. So should I in fact just shut my eyes?

I think not. Open wide and let some light in to fill this Darkheart.

As i realize what has been happening around me all my life it gets harder to think. The smiles quickly move from may face to be replaced by concern. Concern for exactly what I an not sure anymore.

Over the years my morality has changed all for the worse I can assure you. There is a dark feeling inside that surfaces time and time again with most of my memories. For many people there is only the good in life to remember everything and every one by, this is not so for the Darkhearts.

The changes in our world affect us greatly. As things move around us we don't really see the changes unless we look for them. See what you once used to be and see what you have become. Is it just the money and power that have affected your soul or is there more than just these small things?

See the white turn to shades of other colours. Your eyes do not deceive it is time playing its tricks in your reality. Is that the inside or the outside that has changed so much? Have you tried to avoid being re-corrupted or are you just dieing to get back in there and do it all over again? Whenever you step back you will find that what you have wanted is not to change. It is just this way for many but seemingly more so for the darkhearted of us.

Confused and lost, in a moment the haze will clear and what was a feeling will be lost. Except of course for this.